During WWII, Sweatshirts were often used for training and sports in cooler weather.  Military sweatshirts can be found from all branches of the service. While the military sweatshirts were most commonly oatmeal, white, or grey, we’ve seen them in other colors.  A soldier peals potatoes in a  two-colored sweatshirt with a contrasting notch in Life Magazine. The commercially produced Remember Pearl Harbor sweatshirt was red.  There are examples of Navy shirts in blue.  We’ve seen even more examples in shades of yellow, orange and brown.

Original 1940s Sweatshirts typically have a signature V notch in the collar.  We have, however, found examples both with and without the V-notch.   1940s sweatshirts tend to have wider cuffs and bands, but again, that varies by shirt. The weights of original sweatshirts vary as much as their cut. Some are thick, heavy shirts, while others are just slightly heavier than a long-sleeved t-shirt.

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