Winter clothing was issued by all branches of the service. The gear was sometimes in shortage, especially in winter campaigns. Soldiers at the Battle of Bulge battled frostbite as well as their enemies. The German attack left GI soldiers unprepared and vulnerable without enough cold-weather clothing.

Soldiers often griped about scarves and gloves arriving just in time for spring or summer.  While perhaps more legend than reality, stories circulated that cold-weather gear was frequently shipped to the Pacific Theater, while the ETO received an extra supply of khakis.

Word of shortages made it home in letters and telegrams. The American Red Cross sprung to action to provide knitted goods to keep soldiers warm.  In addition, all the major pattern and yarn manufacturers issued their own versions of military patterns. Moms, grandmothers, and wives were all urged to “knit their bit” for the boys overseas.

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