German K98k Ammo box 10 Piece Set, WWII Repro


A set of 10 of the most common variations on the K98k Mauser Patronen round during WWII.

All the ammunition cartons are EMPTY.

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A replica set of the most typical K98k Patronen cartridge cartons.

The following boxes are included:

  1. Brass Ball
  2. Steel Lacquered Ball
  3. Semi Armor Piercing
  4. Armor Piercing
  5. Super Armor Piercing
  6. Armor Piercing Tracer
  7. Armor Piercing Incendiary
  8. Explosive Incendiary
  9. Practice Round (with aluminum core)
  10. Blank Round (with wooden tip)

This WWII German Cartridge Ammunition Box features the correct German-style box construction like the original.  The boxes are empty of ammo.


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Weight12 oz

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