Luftwaffe Issue Pervitin Tin Reproduction


Empty Reproduction Luftwaffe Pervitin tin.


Repro Luftwaffe Pervitin Tin.

This is one of a few styles of military packaging that have turned up recently. Other variations include a thinner tin with a single vial and a wooden box with a long vial.  We’ve seen these with markings for the SS, Luftwaffe, and Kriegsmarine.

The German military issued millions of Pervitin tablets to frontline troops, including the SS as well as Luftwaffe, Panzer, and U-boat crews.  The drug, now known as crystal meth, was an important part of the Blitzkrieg, allowing soldiers to fight for days without rest. As a side bonus, the soldiers often felt invisible and went berserk on the battlefield.

These are EMPTY tins.

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Weight22 oz

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