WWII T Shirt Laurinburg Maxton Army Air Base, Repro


This WWII U.S. Army AAF Laurinburg Maxton PT shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII T shirt from a photograph.  This WWII U. S. Army Air Force Base PT Shirt has Laurinburg-Maxton Army Air Base, Vicit Qui Premim Gerit on the front with an Eagle design.

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This WWII T Shirt for the U.S. Army AAF Laurinburg Maxton PT shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII USAAF T shirt from a photograph.  This WWII U. S. Army Air Force Base PT Shirt has Laurinburg-Maxton Army Air Base, and “Vicit Qui  Premim Gerit” which translates as He Conquers Who Gets There First.with an Eagle holding a paratrooper with a Tommy gun design.

Glider Pilots and Paratroopers were trained at the Laurinburg-Maxton Army Air Base, along with training AAF Pilots to fly C-47’s to “snatch pick-up” the gliders. that could be loaded with wounded.  Glider Pilots were also trained in water ditching.  The soldiers also were trained in firing the M1 carbine, Bazooka rocket launchers, various sub-machine guns – M3 & Thompson, 60 and 80mm mortars, and the use of hand grenades. They took part in Army tactical exercises using maps, compass, setting booby-traps, camouflage, tank hunting, jungle reconnaissance, and glider reorganization after landing in enemy territory. Also the study of weapons and battle habits of Japanese soldiers.

Thousands trained at Laurenburg-Maxton and some of them participated in airborne attacks in New Guinea, Sicily, Burma, Normandy, Market Garden, North Africa, French West Africa and the Philippines.  Some of the units that trained at the Army Air Base were the 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne Division, 88th Airborne Infantry Battalion (later re-designated as the 88th Glider Infantry Regiment), 375th Troop Carrier Group (55th, 56th, 57th, 58th TCS), 38th, 67th, 68th, 69th and 70th Troop Carrier Squadron, 436th Troop Carrier Group (79th, 80th, 81st, 82nd, 87th, 88th, 89th 91st, 92nd, 93rd and 94th).

During WWII, athletic style tshirts were available for purchase at the PX and were commonly used in training and athletic situations. PT shirts with a variety of different unit logos are well documented in many WWII photographs.

This replica WWII t-shirt is screened by hand and variation in colors naturally occur.  Our WWII Reproduction PT shirts have a spec tag screened inside the neck.

Just like the original tee shirts, this reproduction is 100% cotton with a period correct narrow 5/8″ neck, shorter sleeves and a slim/snug fit. These WWII Reproductions are true to size. This WWII T Shirt  comes in men’s sizes.  Women’s sizes are available upon request.  Please send an email to orders@wwiisoldier.com

The Mens’ sizes are:
Small:  Chest 36″, Length 27.5″
Medium:  Chest 40″, Length 28.75′
Large:  Chest 44″, Length 29.75″
X-Large:  Chest 48″, Length 30.75″
XX-Large:  Chest 52″, Length 32″
XXX-Large:  Chest 56″, Length 33″

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