WWII Frangible Ball Cartridge .30 T-44 Ammo Box Reproduction


This .30 T-44 Frangible Ball Cartridge Box is a reproduction of the cardboard ammo box used during WWII. The box is empty.

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This .30 T-44 Frangible Ball Cartridge Box is a reproduction of the 30-06 cardboard ammo box used during WWII. The ammunition box is empty.

Frangible bullets are softer 30 06 rounds that disintegrate against steel targets and won’t ricochet.  Frangible rounds were invented as part of Operation Pinball and initially made with a bakelite and lead combination.

While frangible ammo can be used today in tight quarters, these rounds were originally designed by the AAF.  The ammunition was designed so it could strike a training plane without damaging its aluminum panels.  The bullets could be fired through a modified machine gun in a training exercise.  Five P-63 King Cobras nicknamed Pinballs were modified with reinforced aluminum armor.

Frangible ammo would occasionally down a plane. If the plastic rounds were fired into the engine area, they would cause the engine to overhead. There was also a risk of live .30 cal ammo being mixed in with the almost identical frangible variety.

By 1945, Frangible rounds were used at all 7 AAF training schools – Harligen and Laredo Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Yuma and Kingman Arazona, and Tyndall Field and Buckingham Field in Florida.

For display or use. Dividers are not included. To load the box with your ammunition, simply use a pen knife to slit open the label at the edge of the box. We also offer unassembled box kits for bulk reloading. Please contact us for more details.

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