WWII Gigli Saw Reproduction


The WWII Gigli Saw is an essential tool for escape, evasion, and clandestine operations.

Its light weight and flexibility made it perfect for stowing in tight places. Commandos were issued them to deal with obstacles, OSS and RAF pilots hid them in their shoe laces, and they soon appeared in survival kits.


The Gigli Saw is an essential part of a commandos kit. Its light weight and flexibility made it perfect for stowing in tight places.

Originally, the Gigli Saw was invented for use in obstetrics until a British Intellegence officer happened to mention to a physician that he was looking for a better escape saw. The saw quickly became a favorite for special forces and clandestine operations..

The Gigli wire was flexible, easily hidden, and had a wide variety of uses. It was lethal as a weapon. Tiny teeth made for almost invisible cuts, perfect for sabotaging ladders and other wooden structures. Although it wasn’t going to cut through prison bars, the Gigli saw could cut through some metals with patience. British MI-9 discovered that the saw could be woven through the center of a shoe lace without any lack of function on the part of the shoe lace. Such shoe laces were used throughout the war by the RAF.

The Gigli Saw is still used today in Nato survival kits.

Note: These are real, functional saws.  Our Gigli Saw  is made of stainless steel wire.  It’s a real saw and can cut through wood, plastic and bone. We haven’t tried to hack through a set

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