WWII M2 Demolition Block, Inert Dummy


This WWII One Pound TNT Block is a reproduction from an original in our collection.

The TNT block is thick cardboard, just like the original, with two caps.  The end cap has the correct size hole for display with a fuse or other firing device. The tube is EMPTY. The caps themselves are made of plastic and are not removable.

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Our reproduction tetratyl M2 Demolition Block is a 3d printed plastic block with a paper over-wrapper.

The plastic block has the correct size hole for display with a fuse and can easily be connected in sequence to create a chain block or satchel charge.

Our M2 Demolition blocks are built to the specifications listed in FM 5-25, Explosives and Demolitions, They are much larger than the DIY versions floating around the internet.


This is an INERT dummy for display only.

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Weight6 oz

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