WWII US Army Airborne Paratrooper Invasion Armband Brassard Reproduction



This  US Army D-Day Invasion Reproduction Armband / Brassard is the style of Invasion Brassard that was first used for the November 1942 Allied Landings in French North Africa.

This Flag armband was for easy identification of soldiers involved in Airborne or Amphibious activity.

This early style of Invasion Armband consisted of a 48 star Flag stitched on a length of white cloth, as shown on page 102 of the Army Service Forces Catalog, Government Issue Collector’s Guide, Volume II.

This D-Day Invasion Armband has an Invasion Patch of the United States 48 star flag.   The Invasion Patch flag is screened printed by hand, so variation in colors naturally occur.
Invasion Armband

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