WWII Victory Garden Gift Set, Apron, Tote & Sign


The WWII Victory Garden Gift Set is comprised of the WWII Victory Garden Apron, the WWII Victory Garden Tote and the WWII Victory Garden Sign

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Victory gardens were encouraged on both sides of the pond. Government programs gave away free seeds to those interested in growing their own gardens and offered booklets and instructions on how to cultivate vegetable plants even on a tiny plot of land. Anything grown in a victory garden was exempt from rationing and did not require ration points, which made them popular.

WWII created a shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables due to a dramatic increase in canned goods. Canned goods were sent not just to soldiers overseas but also to our Allies where food supplies had been tainted by bombing and U-boat attacks.

Totebags are made of cotton and measures approximately 12 inches.

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